First, applicants are separated according to their qualifications (CFP, CFA, CPA) and those without required designations are excluded. We then evaluate experience. All advisors must have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience. Next, we ensure that the advisor has no conflicts of interest and is fee-only, unbiased, transparent, fiduciary, and has competitive pricing. An in-depth assessment is conducted to asses depth of knowledge, ability to problem solve, financial and investment process as well as operational efficiency. The assessment also evaluates their communication skills and overall client experience.
Zoe Network Advisors all have a “planning first” approach. On the investment side, they all have an evidence-based approach with an emphasize on keeping implementation costs low.
Yes. Zoe Network Advisors cannot have any type of broker affiliations, nor can they hold insurance licenses. Advisors cannot earn commissions or compensation from insurance products, private funds, or other investments. In addition, ADV records must be clean of any client complaints or investment-related violations.
To grow their practice and save time and money in marketing and business development. The validation to prospects that the firm got passed the rigorous vetting process. Above all, advisors join the network because they share in Zoe’s philosophy of reducing conflicts of interest between advisor and client and are on a similar mission to empower consumers to make better financial decisions.
Zoe referred clients (investors) are affluent households seeking meaningful, long-term financial advice and guidance from top-tier advisors. 

Our marketing team uses hyper-targeted marketing strategies to provide you with the most qualified clients. These strategies include digital and content marketing, our Zoe referral network, and regular appearances from our CEO on news networks such as Bloomberg and CNBC. 

Our client concierge ensures prospects understand the different fee payment options as well as the differences between a fee-only RIA and a broker. In addition, they verify income and assets levels to ensure they meet the minimums of the advisors they got matched with through the Zoe algorithm.
No. Zoe Network Advisors maintain their independence and have many other sources to grow their practice. They also continue their relationships with existing clients.
Yes. Zoe Network Advisors are given cutting edge tech enabled tools such as their own client-management dashboard and deep insights on their own business development processes.
Zoe Network advisors pay an on-going referral to Zoe for finding them high-quality clients. Advisors only pay Zoe if the prospective client decides to hire them. This way, Zoe “walks the walk;” as we do not receive compensation from an advisor unless it is a successful match!
No. Zoe chooses advisors on their abilities rather than their ability to pay. We do not charge the advisor a fee to join the network.

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