What Are Your Wealth Goals?

Wealth planning is about creating unique goals for your financial life. At the end of the day, everyone has different priorities. Some prioritize their retirement, others prioritize their legacy planning, others their investments, others their taxes, and the list goes on and on.   

Regardless of your financial goals, wealth planning will make taking action on these goals simultaneously much easier! Step one is laying out your priorities and goals; step two is finding someone you can trust to help you tackle them.  

The benefits of wealth planning are endless. One of the most important ones is the personalization, confidence, support, and guidance you receive in the process. If you feel like you have too many financial priorities and need to pick and choose them, you’re wrong! 

You Deserve an Advisor You Can Trust

The challenge of finding a great financial planner is real. Many unscrupulous salespeople out there sell themselves as trustworthy advisors. 

Far too often, clients are steered towards financial products that provide kickbacks to the advisors who recommend them. That’s why Zoe exists—to help you vet advisors and choose someone you feel comfortable with. 

What is The Right Solution For You?

Financial planning is often a term used to describe an array of services that a financial advisor offers. Understanding the various financial planning solutions available will help you assess which one is right for you.

  • Robo Investments: A robo-investor manages your portfolio using mathematical algorithms. There is minimal human interaction and, therefore, little to no personalization.
  • Financial Planning: A review of your overall financial situation, building a roadmap for achieving your goals. This includes budgeting, insurance and retirement planning, investment help, and goal achievement like buying a house or saving for education.
  • Investment Management: Your planner will oversee the implementation of your investments. This includes asset allocation, rebalancing, alternative investing, and tax-loss harvesting.
  • Advanced Planning: Advanced planning involves more complex, intricate financial elements such as trust planning, business succession, legacy planning, and philanthropy.

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What Are You Planning For?

Working with a financial advisor can help you unlock growth in any of the following:





Home Purchasing

Asset Management

Tax Strategy


Equity Compensation

Windfall & Inheritance

Debt Management

Estate Planning

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