Do You Need Financial Planning?

Financial planning is all about creating unique goals and solutions for you and your life. Whether you’ve already saved your first million on your own, have come into some money, or starting a new family, it’s never too early or too late to find the right financial advisor.

Think of an advisor as a trusted guide who provides personalized solutions for reaching your life goals. The right advisor is a partner on your financial journey through career changes, buying a home, divorce, retirement planning, and whatever other life events you might be going through.

Planning with an Expert Offers Peace of Mind and Tangible Benefits

Working with a financial advisor improves financial habits, builds confidence, and provides peace of mind for investors. If any of the questions below sound familiar, it’s a great time to find answers from a financial planner!

Aside from the psychological benefits, there are proven monetary benefits, as well. The Future of Retirement study, for example, showed that those individuals with financial plans accumulated nearly 250% more in retirement savings than those without a financial plan in place. In addition, nearly 44% of those who have a financial plan in place save more money each year toward retirement.

Find Your Current Life Event:

Nearing Retirement

  • Are you ready to retire?
  • Will your savings last through retirement?
  • Which taxable & tax-deferred accounts should you withdraw from first?
  • Should you sell stocks or bonds first or at the same time? What are the tax consequences?
  • Do you know when/how to file for Social Security?
  • How can you make your money stretch?

Starting a Family

  • Should you combine your finances?
  • Do you need life insurance? What type & how much coverage?
  • How do you best plan your estate?
  • How do you go about planning for college tuition?
  • Can an advisor help you & your partner see eye to eye on your finances?

A High Earner

Close up portrait of young businesspeople discussing about a project by the river. They are both happy. A man is holding a digital tablet while she is holding a coffee.
  • How do you prioritize your finances to take advantage of tax breaks?
  • How can you free up more time & energy to enjoy life?
  • What new investment opportunities are available to you?

Large Nest Egg

golden eggs. 3D Rendering
  • How do you optimize for taxes?
  • How do you plan your estate?
  • What tax breaks are available to you?

Inherited a Windfall

healthcare cost in retirement
  • How should you best manage new assets or income?
  • What are the tax consequences?
  • How can you use this windfall to reach your goals?


Mature couple in love
  • SEP IRA, Roth IRA, Solo 401k… Which retirement account is right for you?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the legally allowed tax savings?
  • How can you reduce your tax burden?
  • Do you have enough personal savings to stabilize the cyclical nature of your business?

Getting Older

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 15.29.46
  • Are you on top of minimum distributions for retirement accounts?
  • Do you have a solid Living Will in place?
  • Do you remember to keep insurance updated & taxes paid?

Specific Needs

Frank - business owners - advisor bio
  • Should you consolidate your student loans?
  • Should you buy or rent a home?
  • Are you caring for a child with special needs or an elderly family member?

Firing Your Advisor

  • Your advisor does not explain the fees you’re being charged.
  • Your advisor charges too much.
  • Their compensation is based on commissions.
  • They ignore your feelings about risk.
  • They don’t return your calls or emails.

Zoe Financial Offers Unbiased Personal Financial Planning

The challenge of finding a good certified financial planner is real. There are many unscrupulous salespeople out there selling themselves as trustworthy advisors. As a result, few Americans can say they have a high level of trust for financial professionals. In fact, a CFP Board survey of Americans’ perceptions of financial advisors showed that 60% of people feel advisors put their companies’ interests first. Far too often, clients are steered towards financial products that provide kickbacks to the advisors who recommend them.
Founder, Andres Garcia-Amaya, left JP Morgan to start Zoe Financial for this very reason. He knew that, despite the well-earned, tarnished industry reputation, there are some advisor practices that are truly independent, fiduciary, and able to provide top-notch, personalized guidance to clients. By connecting people to independent advisors who have personal financial-planning-centric practices, he knew he could help individuals with the most important financial decisions of their lives.
Zoe Financial offers a unique digital experience. Your journey begins with a series of matchmaker questions, followed by a  recommendation of the right professional for YOU based on your goals and needs, from the TOP 5% of independent fee-only financial advisors. We’ve narrowed down the field to include only independent advisors with professional CPA, CFP, or CFA qualifications, deep industry experience, transparent fee structures, and top-in-class communication skills. If that wasn’t enough, they have to pass a rigorous proprietary Zoe test.
Our process uncovers advisors that have client-aligned incentives, run a client-centric practice, and are at the top of the game when it comes to knowledge and process.