Important Solicitation Disclosures


Zoe Financial Inc.( “Zoe”, “Zoe Financial” or the “Solicitor”) will show you the matches with the SEC or state registered advisors (the “Advisor”) based on your preferences. On each advisor’s detailed profile page, you may find additional information about the Advisor, services offered, fee, and important disclosures. Please read each Advisor’s information carefully before hiring.

Zoe has entered into a written agreement with each Advisor under which Zoe refers prospective clients to Advisors in exchange for a fee from the Advisor. If you elect to become an investment advisory client of the Advisor, Zoe will receive 15%-25% of any revenue that Advisor generates from services offered to you. Revenue share will continue for the entirety of the Client-Advisor relationship for assets under management arrangements, and 5 years for a fixed fee financial planning arrangement.

No portion of this fee will be charged to you by the Advisor and there shall be no difference in the level of advisory fees that you will be charged by Advisor as a result of this referral arrangement.

In other words you, the client, will not pay higher fees because you referred by Zoe.

Zoe Financial Inc. is not authorized to provide investment advice on behalf of the Advisor or to act for or bind the Advisor in any way. No investment advisory agreement between you, the client and Advisor will become effective until accepted by the Advisor.

Should you have any questions about this disclosure, please contact Zoe Financial or any of the Advisors to whom you have been matched.  You may also print or save a copy of this disclosure for your records.