Why Does Zoe Exist?

The wealth management industry is flawed… We’re here to fix that

Our story


The wealth management industry is flawed. It is fixated on selling investment products with bloated hidden fees rather than providing sound advice. The common financial advisor role – as a salesperson providing access to financial products and trade execution – remains the status quo, yet technological innovation has commoditized these tasks.


The consumer will find great value in choosing an advisor with aligned interests, who provides personalized guidance according to their individual goals. If done well, it is like hiring an elite household CFO who looks at your financial life holistically, incorporating risk management, budgeting, taxation, estate planning, and investments.

Yet finding the right financial advisor – who listens more than talks, does not sell products, truly takes the time to help you unearth your vision of your future – is not only difficult, but time-consuming. The process can be overwhelming; vetting potential candidates for competency and aligned fiduciary incentives is not easy, especially in an industry where just about anyone can call themselves an “advisor.”

What Is Zoe?

Zoe was founded by Andres Garcia-Amaya and a world-class team, solely focused on helping the consumer with the important decision of hiring an advisor. Zoe carefully curates a network of the best independent, fee-only financial advisors and financial planners across the country. The advisors in the Zoe network are  actual financial planning professionals, rather than salespeople trying to push a financial product onto you.

Zoe’s advisors do not get any commissions for recommending products. You can trust that any Zoe network advisor is a fiduciary working in your best interest.

How We Help

We believe that the relationship between an enlightened financial planner and an equally enlightened client untaps tremendous value. Our matching algorithm provides a frictionless digital experience where you answer a few questions, review the matched advisor profile, and start chatting with them right away. Zoe turns the process on its head by allowing YOU to decide who you want to hire, with the click of a button