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Zoe finds top-tier advisors the right clients. 
Spend more time doing what you’re best at: helping your clients.

3X Growth
Advisors see an average of a 3x increase in client acquisition.
Zoe Advisor's Growth
Industry Average

Why Join Zoe?

Save Time

Dedicate your time and resources to your clients. We take care of the rest.

Powerful Tools

With Zoe, every step of your prospect to client experience is smoother and more effective. Track your progress and hone your skills with our Advisor Tools.

Exclusive Network

Only the top 5% of financial advisors become members of the Zoe Network. By passing our rigorous due diligence process, you’ll be among them.

How It Works

Access to our network is based on merit, and the advisor selection process is rigorous with a current acceptance rate under 5%.

Criteria for Applying

  • At least 5 years of relevant financial planning or advisor experience.
  • Must be with an independent RIA, and advisor must no be affiliated with a broker-dealer.
  • Required designations: CFP® , CFA, CPA
  • No U4 disclosures in the previous ten years and no disciplinary marks on ADV.

Resources for Advisors

Network Partnerships

Closing the Deal with Digital Clients

Learn more about best practices for Digital Client Acquisition and our exclusive partnership with Wealthbox CRM.

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