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Zoe Financial helps consumers find, hire and grow their wealth all in one platform.

Zoe-approved advisors appreciate a reliable client growth channel, accelerated client onboarding, and significant time saved on investing.

* Best Online Financial Advisor is a rating given by NerdWallet for the calendar years ’22, ’23, & ’24 based on several criteria to compare companies that provide financial planning services online or connect users with a financial advisor. Zoe Financial did not compensate NerdWallet for the rating, however Zoe does have a referral agreement with NerdWallet which creates a conflict of interest.  Most Innovative Companies is a rating given by Fast Company for the calendar year ’22, recognizing the organizations that are transforming industries and shaping society. Find more information on FastCompany Awards, Nerdwallet Awards, and additional disclosures here. + The preceding endorsements were provided by non-clients of Zoe Financial. No compensation was provided for these endorsements. These endorsements do not guarantee a level of success, nor do they guarantee that all users will have the same experience. 

Win New Clients And Automate Investments, All In One Platform.

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Win New Clients And Automate Investments, All In One Platform.

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○ Introductions to Prospective Clients.
○ Digital Account Opening & Funding.
○ Modern Client Dashboard.
○ Model Marketplace.
○ Automated Rebalancing.
○ Billing & Performance.

The preceding testimonials are provided by current members of the Zoe Advisor Network. No compensation was provided for the testimonial, however a conflict of interest exists because Zoe earns compensation from advisors on the Zoe Advisor Network. These testimonials and endorsements do not guarantee a level of success, nor do they guarantee that all clients will have the same experience.

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To accelerate their growth. Zoe offers RIAs a premiere C-Suite solution that saves them time while growing their business. Being in the Zoe Network provides advisors an additional support system and tools to scale their practice strategically.

Above all, advisors partner with Zoe because they share Zoe’s philosophy of reducing conflicts of interest between advisors and clients and are on a similar mission to accelerate wealth creation through exceptional client experience and innovative technology.

Zoe partners with growth-minded advisors that work with “planning first” practices. They believe that there is a better way to work with people than what the brokerage industry has traditionally established.

They are committed to their client’s wellbeing and the achieving of their long life goals, operating as a family office for each of them. On the investment side, they have an evidence-based approach with an emphasis on keeping implementation costs low.

Once the advisor’s clean record is confirmed, applicants are separated according to their qualifications and only those with one or more required designations (CFP®, CFA®, CPA) move to the next step. After this, experience is evaluated. All advisors must have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience to qualify to be Zoe Certified.

Later on, we ensure that the advisor is interest-aligned and has minimal conflicts of interest. They must be unbiased, transparent, and have a competitive pricing structure. Finally, an in-depth assessment is conducted to assess subject-matter knowledge, ability to problem solve, financial and investment process, as well as operational efficiency. The assessment also evaluates their communication skills and the overall client experience they offer.

Our business development team ensures prospects understand the different fee payment options as well as the differences between an aligned-interest RIA and a broker. In addition, they verify income and asset levels to ensure each client meets the minimums of the matched advisors.

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