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Reviews & Testimonials Disclosure 

The intention of Zoe Financial’s reviews is to provide transparency to our users and assist in their process to find and hire the right financial Adviser. All reviews are written by clients of Zoe Advisor Network (ZAN) advisers. All reviewers have equal opportunity to leave a positive or negative review. The Adviser does not provide direct compensation to Zoe Financial for featuring reviews. If a user elects to become a client of any Adviser, Zoe Financial will be compensated via a fee share ranging between 15-25% of revenue. It should be noted that any reviews provided are that of the client and not necessarily that of Zoe Financial. Zoe financial does not endorse any client or Adviser, and any review provided by a client should not necessarily be considered as an endorsement of Zoe Financial. The opinions presented herein are subject to change and Zoe Financial is under no obligation to update these opinions.