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About Zoe

Zoe is a modern wealth planning platform that connects thoughtful investors seeking service, stewardship, and solutions with the most qualified advisors. Our advisors sit on your side of the table. They partner with Zoe because they believe in our values and our purpose. Above all, our advisors share our mission to accelerate wealth creation through exceptional client experience and innovative technology.

We are a client-first company, with a mission to accelerate your wealth by demystifying an archaic wealth management industry. The fact is, the majority of advisors out there provide cookie-cutter financial plans, push products and insurance that earn them a fat commission, and provide high-fee investment management services. Even worse, these advisors prey on the mass affluent (250k-$3m in assets). Good luck getting them on the phone after you buy their propriety product.

You deserve better. Previously, a great independent financial advisor was reserved to only the ultra-wealthy. Zoe changes that. Why not interview from a select group of advisors who lead with actual financial planning, specialize in working with families just like yours, provide transparent fees and honest services, and actually deliver value and peace of mind.

Schedule a complimentary consultation here. Let’s start on your way to wealth.

Zoe Certified Advisors go through a rigorous due diligence process in order to join the network. We accept 5 out of every 100 advisors who apply to our vetting process, ensuring our network admits only premier financial planners and financial advisors.

All advisors have a CFP, CFA, or CPA certification, are accredited independent advisors, have a minimum of 5 years of experience, and have no association with broker-dealers.

Throughout the process, Zoe closely examines their investment and planning process, their operations, technology, and even the financial products they recommend.

We take our vetting process seriously!

The financial advisors in our network are located in all 50 states. Most Zoe Advisors also work remotely and digitally, regardless of your location.

The difference between Zoe and other wealth management platforms is that we focus on quality over quantity.

Zoe’s matching process begins with an extensive review of your financial goals and ends with you receiving a curated selection just for you.

Through innovative technology, we take the guesswork out of finding you the perfect matches. We also offer a human expert touch to give you tailored recommendations and support throughout your process.

We put a lot of work into making sure we admit only the top 5% of wealth planners in the country, this is why we’re so confident in the quality of the service you will receive.

If you’re not satisfied with the advisor you’ve hired through Zoe, we will refund all advisor fees back to you. Terms and conditions apply.

All information you provide is completely confidential. We never sell your contact information, and no advisor will contact you without you scheduling a consultation first.

Our Wealth Planning Service

  1. Complete our Find an Advisor form

    This will require you to provide your income, age, and other key details.

  2. Our algorithm will provide you with 3 of the most suitable financial advisors for you.

    Schedule time to interview one or all three of them.

  3. Access Your Dashboard

    Within the Zoe Platform, you can access your Dashboard, view your Financial Snapshot, request new matches, or talk to an expert to help in your decision-making.

If you need additional assistance, we have a dedicated team of human experts to guide your search. You can schedule time with an expert at any point in the process!

Zero. We make sure to connect you with your ideal advisor completely free of charge.

Instantly. Our unique algorithm matches your financial situation, preferences, and goals with ideal advisors immediately.

You will be given three advisor recommendations. After that, you can schedule directly into their calendar or start chatting with them through our site.

Our goal is to accelerate your wealth creation process. If you’re not happy with your recommendations, you can request new ones or speak to the client services team to connect you directly.

We’re committed to recommending the right advisor for you. 25% of our advisor network is Female, and 12% are Black, Latinx, or Asian (far above industry standards).

They also range in particular expertise and specialization.

We have advisors that can service all income and asset individuals. Our average client has over $750,000 in investable assets.


Zoe is a free service for you to access and interview highly vetted financial advisors. Zoe is compensated by the advisor only if you hire the advisor. That fee is never passed onto to you. We maintain a recurring revenue from the advisor as long as you are a client. We are incentivized to have advisors in our network that continuously deliver value and an exceptional level of client service.

Advisors are happy to compensate Zoe since we solve one of their biggest challenges, finding high-quality potential clients. Zoe Network Advisors do not pay per recommendation or introduction, they only pay Zoe if the prospective client ops to work with them.

You only pay the advisor once you have agreed to work with them. The fee you pay may vary, and you will pay the advisor directly based on your agreement with them. Up until that stage, the service is totally free.

We are proud of our high client satisfaction. We restrict the size of our network and continuously vet our advisors to maintain an intense focus on quality. Our advisors are highly qualified and credentialed, and provide high-level personalized client service. They work for you. Not the other way around. If you hire an advisor through Zoe, and you are not satisfied – we refund your fees. Plain and simple.

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Ready to Grow
Your Wealth?

Let us connect you with the most qualified wealth planners

Ready to Grow Your Wealth?

Let us connect you with the most qualified wealth planners