We have a network of financial advisors that go through a rigorous screening process in order to join our platform. All advisors are either CFP or CFA or CPAs accredited independent advisors. They all have to be truly independent by having no association with a broker-dealer where they would have incentives in place to sell certain financial products. In addition, they are required to have a minimum of five years of relevant experience. And that’s just to get an interview with us! We then examine closely their investment and planning process, their operations, technology, financial products they recommend among others aspects. We have a proprietary, quantitative assessment test, as well as a qualitative test which assesses their knowledge and process. For more details click here.

Fiduciary is simply an adjective used to describe a professional that acts within both their legal and ethical parameters. Many financial professionals may give you advice that is totally legal, but it may not necessarily be in your best interests, ethically. What do we mean by this? If financial professionals are tied to a product, they may encourage you to purchase that product so that they earn a commission. However, in some cases, this product may not be the ideal product for you. This raises a question about ethical responsibility. Since our financial advisors operate independently, they are not tied to or biased towards any particular family of funds or investment products. As fiduciaries, they are held to the highest standard of care – and are required to act in the best interests of their clients at all times. For more info on fiduciaries and the skills and characteristics of a great advisor, check out our Definitive Guide to Financial Planning.

If we match you with an advisor who you interview and you decide it is not a great match, for whatever reason, all you need to do is let us know, and our concierge team will connect with other options. It helps for us to know why you didn’t want to use the first advisor, so that we can better match you with a second or third option

The information we require helps us to start the process of matching you with a suitable financial advisor. Income, age, number of children, etc. allows us to select an advisor that is appropriate for the level of your finances, their complexity and your life stage.

The advisor you hire through Zoe, pays Zoe for finding you. Advisors are happy to compensate Zoe, since we take on all the upfront effort and cost to find them a great client, like you. No advisors receive your contact information until you have opted in to speak to them via either scheduling a call with them or messaging directly. Advisors in our network do not pay Zoe per introduction, they only pay Zoe if the prospective client decides to hire them. This way, Zoe “walks the walk;” we don’t receive compensation from advisor unless it is a successful match!

You only pay the advisor once you have agreed to work with them. You will pay the advisor directly, based on your agreement. Up until that stage, the service is totally free.

If you are unhappy with the service from your chosen financial advisor, we stand by our promise of delivering a great advisor and we will do all we can to resolve the issue. Please contact us at [email protected] and we can discuss the details of your concerns.

The difference between Zoe and other financial advisor platforms is simple:

  • Curation: Our acceptance rate for advisors in the network is 5%. We have set a very high bar for competency and align advisor incentives with the client. In other words, the advisors in our platform are actual experts in their fields rather than salespeople trying to sell you a product. They do not get compensated via commissions for recommending any products to you.
  • Zoe does not charge the advisors a fee to be a part of our network. That way, we choose advisors to join our network based on their caliber only. As a result, we get 1,000 of advisor applicants a year. We do not strive to have as many advisors as possible but rather solely focus on quality.
  • We take the guesswork out of it. We don’t send you a list of 20 advisors, that you then need to trawl through and match yourself. We leverage technology to put in front of you ideal candidates so that you are not left on your own to decide who is a good match.

Our financial advisors are located in a number of cities around the country near you, including New York, San Francisco, Florida, San Diego, Chicago, Texas, Seattle, Miami, Austin, Dallas, California, Scottsdale, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Atlanta, New Jersey and more! The list of cities is growing each month.

Our unique algorithm matches your financial situation, preferences, and requirements with the ideal advisor INSTANTLY. No delays. Once you have been matched with your advisor, all you need to do is schedule a call with them, or start chatting with them directly from our site. The process from looking for an advisor to starting to work with them via Zoe is often the same day.

Our matching service is free of charge. You as a client do not pay for Zoe’s services at all.

You will pay the fees to your advisor directly, using the payment method agreed to between you and the advisor.

You do not pay Zoe. Zoe’s service is free of charge to the consumer.

We have a number of support channels through which you can contact us.

You can email us at [email protected]

You can call us on 646 847 2106.

You can chat with us online by clicking the online chat window in the bottom right-hand corner on

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