Zoe Network financial advisors go through a rigorous screening process in order to join our platform. All advisors are either CFP or CFA or CPAs accredited independent advisors, have a minimum of 5 years of experience, and have no association with broker-dealers. Throughout the process, Zoe closely examines their investment and planning process, their operations, technology, and even the financial products they recommend. Our proprietary, quantitative assessment test and qualitative test which assesses their knowledge and process.

The financial advisors in our network are located in over 30 cities around the country including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Dallas, Scottsdale, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Atlanta, New Jersey and more! In addition, all Zoe Network advisors also work remotely, regardless of your location.

Research shows Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) are less expensive than brokers. In addition, Zoe Network RIAs are fee-only, so they will never charge you comission for recommending any products. The advisor pays us if you become a client but they are legally and ethically obligated to charge you no more than if you found them on your own.

Advisors hired through Zoe, pay Zoe for finding you; client will never pay higher fees for going through Zoe. Advisors are happy to compensate Zoe, since we take on all the upfront effort and cost to find them a great client. Zoe Network Advisors do not pay per introduction, they only pay Zoe if the prospective client hires them.

Great advisors don’t want to be sales people. On average, advisors spend 20% to 25% of their time searching for potential clients, while that time could be spent servicing their existing clients. Advisors loving working with Zoe because the potential clients we send them are the right fit for the practice. Additionally, they never have to pay for potential clients, as they only compensate Zoe when the client agrees to work with them. 

Our matching service is free of charge. You as a client do not pay for Zoe’s services at all.

You only pay the advisor once you have agreed to work with them. You will pay the advisor directly, based on your agreement. Up until that stage, the service is totally free.

By completing our “Find an Advisor” form, which includes your income, age, and other details, our algorithm will provide you with the most suitable financial advisors for you.

All information you provide is completely confidential.

Our unique algorithm matches your financial situation, preferences, and requirements with the ideal advisor INSTANTLY. Once you have been matched with your advisor, you can schedule directly into their calendar or start chatting with them from our site.

The difference between Zoe and other financial advisor platforms is that we focus on quality over quantity. Instead of simply focusing on location, Zoe´s vetting process begins with an extensive review and ends with you receiving a selection curated just for you. We take the guesswork out of it. We don’t send you a list of 20 advisors for you to trawl through and match yourself. By leveraging technology to put in front of you ideal candidates, you are not left on your own to decide who is a good match.

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