The Zoe Advisor Vetting Process

We reject 95% of advisors so you don’t have to.

You only hire the best fiduciary advisors through Zoe. Our advisor vetting process ensures that you only work with the best.

Our process 60%
Our Process 60%

Credentials & Education

We separate advisors according to their qualifications, e.g. CFP, CFA,CPA. Advisors without the required designation are excluded.

Our Process 44%
Our Process 44%


Knowledge comes with experience. We ensure that every advisor we recommend has the necessary relevant experience. 

Our Process 34%
Our Process 34%

Unbiased & Transparent

All advisors are fiduciaries, required to have competitive pricing and disclose any conflicts of interest. 

Our Process 12%
Our Process 12%

Quantitative Assessment

We assess their depth of knowledge, ability to problem solve, operational efficiency, and client-advisor ratio. 

Our process 5%
Our Process 5%

Qualitative Assessment

We assess their communication skills and overall client experience. 

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