Your College Planning Guide

Why College Planning?

College planning is one of the most common financial concerns among Americans. While the definition of it is simply how you’ll plan to pay for college, there is plenty more that goes into it. To properly plan for affording your education or that of your loved ones, the process must begin by identifying your education needs (for yourself, your family, or others you’re looking to help) in order to determine the most effective way to meet those needs.

Over the past 15 years, education has gotten more expensive, and navigating the best strategies for paying for your education has become increasingly complex. As a top priority for many, it’s also become a main concern when it comes to financial planning.

  1. Starting early produces the best results when it comes to savings.
  2. Being resourceful produces the best opportunities when it comes to financial aid.
  3. Being diligent produces the best potential when it comes to achieving your goals. 

Here are the different scenarios where our college planning guide will help:

You have children of ages 0-10, you want to save enough money to cover their first four years of college and ensure they have a debt-free education opportunity.

You have children of ages 10-22, but haven’t been able to save for their education. With college a few years away, you want to start saving to help them with expenses and also prepare to apply for financial aid.

You’re a recent college graduate and want to financially plan for a second degree with as many financial resources as possible.

You never got assistance paying for college, and want to get out of your student loan debt as soon as possible.

You are finally ready to retire after saving for the past years. You and your spouse have some margin from your income, and want to help your grandchildren with their education expenses.

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Ready to Grow Your Wealth?

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