Coronavirus Stimulus
Virtual Panel

Let’s talk about the Corona Stimulus Package.

What is it? 

How does it affect you?

Join Zoe as we host our top tax & small business experts to provide insights surrounding the stimulus package and what it all entails.

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April 8, 2020 •3 pm PST •6 PM EST

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Is This Our Generation’s Great Depression?

The coronavirus puts 37 million U.S. jobs at risk, those of which are mostly low-wage and thus have a thin safety-net. From the job market’s perspective, this could be the most severe recession in our country’s history.

What About Fiscal Aid From The Government?

The CARES Act is the largest rescue package in American history. The package will have wide-reaching impacts. It will send money directly to Americans homes, small businesses, and greatly expand unemployment coverage among a number of other initiatives.

How Does The Coronavirus Stimulus Affect Me?

It depends on your unique financial situation, as well as if you’re a homeowner or small business owner, but it can impact how you file taxes, your IRA or 401k early withdrawals, your mortgage, your student loans, and even the future of your business.

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