Mastering your finances – find out how it’s done

The desire to control your money, and not let it control you, is something that people feel all over the world. At times, it can feel like a weight on your chest in the middle of the night – controlling not only every decision you make but how you feel as well. Similarly, the insatiable desire for more, without a clear goal as to why can be just as controlling. Everything you do, day in and day out, can be driven by money if you allow it to be. Regardless of your financial situation, taking back that control can be one of the most empowering and liberating experiences of your life. And our goal at Zoe Financial is to help you on that journey. 


Besides the numerous personal finance resources we create and share, we work with the best financial advisors and financial planners in the country. Despite the fact that we (obviously) understand the value that a great financial professional can offer, many members of our community are not as clear on what exactly constitutes financial planning, and therefore, struggle to see the benefit. 


With this in mind, we have created The Definitive Guide To Financial Planning. This guide contains everything you could ever wish to know about financial planning and more. Amongst others, the main topics include:


  1. Financial Planning, the definition
  2. The difference between financial planning and financial advisory
  3. The education and qualifications needed to be a financial planner
  4. What it means for an advisor to be fiduciary
  5. Brokers vs. planners
  6. What skills and characteristics create a great planner
  7. What financial planners charge
  8. Estate planning, college planning, retirement planning


As always, our aim is to be transparent and approachable – our goal is to give you information and content that you need and want to read. Any suggestions, criticisms or comments are encouraged. 


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