Zoe Wins Nerdwallet's 2022 Best Online Financial Advisor Award

Published January 7, 2022

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Written By:
Andres Garcia-Amaya, CFA®
Zoe’s Founder & CEO

A few weeks ago, I got an unexpected email. As I read on, I blurted out “Wow, this is huge” as I realized that Zoe had won NerdWallet’s 2022 Best Online Financial Advisor Award

It’s a great honor that reflects the amazing work Zoe’s team does day in, day out to earn the trust of consumers. It also illustrates the elite advisors we have welcomed into the Zoe Network. 

Zoe’s Greater Purpose 

We launched Zoe 4 years ago with the hope to fix some of the industry flaws that I saw while working at big banks.

We constantly talk to our advisors about how the best way to engage with potential clients is by sharing the why behind what they do. As I read about Nerdwallet’s Award, Zoe’s why kept popping up in my mind. Our purpose is to make wealth creation tailored and convenient through exceptional service and innovative technology. The key to our success with clients and advisors during all these years has been how meaningful this mission is to the Zoe team. 

To achieve this purpose, the client has been the northstar since day one. That’s our MO. We are transparent with our clients, we fight for them, and we seek to delight them.

About the Award 

Nerdwallet’s Best-Of Award winners are selected by a group of over 48 writers and editors (referred to as nerds which is pretty cool). The awards were started with the purpose of giving clients the tools to take control of their money and their financial decisions. Cheers to that! What consumers need is more tools and more objective information at hand, especially when it comes to their wealth. 

What happened in 2021 at Zoe? 

You may be wondering what happened at Zoe that made us deserving of this award. Here’s a brief recap. 

Every decision we make starts with “does this help the client?” Every feature is built with the goal of increasing personalization and convenience. In 2021, that level of focus and passion for what we do led to thousands of clients across the country hiring their advisor through our platform. Zoe also hit a huge milestone of $1.5 Billion in Assets Under Administration. 

Our success led to a $10 million Series A investment round, led by SoftBank’s Opportunity Fund, which enabled us to continue developing our platform and growing our team to deliver value for clients and advisors. 

Additionally, our team grew 3x. This growth included the addition of two new leadership team members, Christy Matzen, CFP®, as Director of Financial Planning, and Rajesh Gaur, CFA®, as Head of Investment Solutions. I’m extremely proud of the team and the culture we’ve built.

To expand the options clients have when looking to hire a financial advisor through our network, we partnered with firms like Modera Wealth, Vista Wealth Management, Alchemist Wealth, Perigon Wealth Management, Mercer Advisors, Better Money Decisions, Farther, Forum, Commas, among others. 

Moreover, with the purpose of enabling all of the advisors in our Network to provide a better experience to their clients, we collaborated with software and investment solution partners such as Ethic, Betterment for Advisors, and Wealthbox.

With the goal set on improving advisor and client experience on our platform, we released several new product features, such as the Financial Snapshot Tool that enables consumers to discover insights of their financial life.

What Happens Next?

While 2021 was a great year, we’re just getting started. Many wealth management players are still antiquated, cookie cutter, and ridden with hidden fees. Building wealth shouldn’t be inaccessible, ineffective, or costly. People deserve better. In 2022, and the years to come, we’re committed to delivering on our promise to move mountains to help people grow their wealth with clarity and ease. We’re Zoe.

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