Zoe Wins NerdWallet’s 2023 Best-Of Awards For Best Online Financial Advisor

Published January 4th, 2023 
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Written by: Andres Garcia-Amaya

Two is better than one! Zoe won NerdWalletʼs 2023 Best-Of Awards for the category of Best Online Financial Advisor for the second year in a row. This award is a testament to all the clients who have trusted us to help them protect and grow their wealth.

Last year, after winning NerdWallet’s 2022 Best Online Financial Advisor Award, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t stop exceeding client expectations. One of the indicators communicating we are on the right track, was receiving the news informing we had won NerdWallet’s 2023 Best-Of Awards For Best Online Financial Advisor.

Winning this award two years in a row reaffirms what we have known since the beginning: As long as we focus on improving people’s lives, the output will be an amazing client experience. Our client-centricity makes Zoe the best online financial advisor. 

NerdWallet grants the “Best-Of Awards” to the best financial products across the financial industry. Beyond the recognition, this badge symbolizes how we deliver value to our clients. We stand behind the service we have built as a team, along with the elite vetted advisors who are a part of Zoe’s ecosystem. 

Zoe, At Full Speed 

This year, we all faced challenging circumstances as individuals and organizations. To live up to our promise, at Zoe, we made an early decision to create order out of external chaos. Our instinct led us to seek an objective view and realize that our clients needed us more than ever. 

Our north star is, and has always been, “does this help the client?” However, to drive towards this north star, we had to emphasize the importance of direction. Being intentional about everything we do significantly affects how well and transparently we become transformative in our clients’ lives.  

Zoe’s mission is to connect clients with the right financial advisor for their needs. Our selection method ensures that they only meet with professionals they can actually trust. It’s all about the client and making their experience as transparent and holistic as possible. We know Zoe is headed in the right direction as long as we remember the why behind every decision: the client.

About the Best Online Financial Advisor Award*

The “Best-Of Awards” are meant to inform individuals about the best in finance. Winners are chosen through a rigorous selection process. Over 10 companies that either provide financial planning services online or connect users with a financial advisor, are reviewed to select NerdWallet’s Best Online Financial Advisor Award. NerdWallet uses comprehensive scoring formulas to assess the features of each financial product/service and weigh them according to their importance to consumers. 

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Zoe’s 2022 In Perspective  

As we reflect on 2022, we realize how big last year was. We maintained and highlighted our urgency to always put the client first. We also kept improving our platform experience by introducing free tools such as the Investment Calculator and the Retirement Calculator. This award is not just ours. We’ve created a curated wealth management ecosystem, and each advisor who works with us deserves this recognition too. We make sure that our clients only work with the top advisors nationwide. 

In 2023, We Won’t Abandon Our Mission 

The start of a new year does not mean our goals change, but rather that we will work harder to meet them. As we dive into 2023, we are more energized than ever. We are always looking for ways to improve the end-to-end wealth management experience. This year will be full of commitment and dedication to our mission around expanding wealth of money, wealth of access, and wealth of mind. We aspire to continuously raise the bar for ourselves and the advisors we work with in the upcoming years. At Zoe, we are headed in the right direction at full speed.

*NerdWallet is on a mission to provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions. Its website and app provide consumers with personalized, unbiased, and actionable insights so they can make money moves with confidence. Consumers have free access to NerdWallet’s expert articles, comparison-shopping marketplace and personalized membership experience. For more information, visit nerdwallet.com.

Disclosure: This blog is not investment advice and should not be relied on for such advice or as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting, tax, legal or financial advisors. The observations of industry trends should not be read as recommendations for stocks or sectors.

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