Learning to Think Differently About Money

Money is ubiquitous; no one is shocked or disturbed by its presence, but often alarmed by its absence. Uncomfortable feelings about money’s absence are negative and draining. Fear and anxiety can cause a person, even a wealthy one, to give money a power it does not inherently possess. Instead of confidently shaping the present self, a person’s fear can drive them to obsess over tomorrow. You don’t have to live like that! At Zoe Financial, we believe that wealth tomorrow starts with creating the lifestyle you want today.

Revel in that. You are the driver of the car, the pilot in the cockpit, the alpha dog, or whatever analogy suits you best- you are in control and you call the shots.

The choices you make today are what tomorrow is built on. This principle encompasses the simple decisions a person will face today such as what to eat; if “today you” chooses to eat at a dive bar with one star on Yelp, “tomorrow you” probably won’t feel well. This principle also includes more complex decisions such as which words to speak to others (is there a need to speak more clearly? plainly? kindly?) and how to think about and take care of oneself (is there time for fun, for calm, and well being?). Make choices that reflect who you want to be and you’ll smile about the future.

Preparing for tomorrow will transform who you are today.

Confidence flourishes in people who have chosen preparedness over fear. Instead of obsessing over what tomorrow will bring, be ready for it. Not sure how to start? Identify what concerns you have about your future life; start there. For many, money is their most consuming worry but they don’t know how to overcome it. Enter Zoe.

Zoe customers are paired with a financial advisor who sees the world the same way they do, who enables them to have an active, intentional relationship with their money. Once you are connected to an advisor, you’ll recognize immediately that the partnership between you runs deeper than money. Your advisor will want to know what things interest you and worry you, and what your personal goals are – not simply your financial goals. Our special league of financial advisors will empower you.

The most amazing thing Zoe customers learn is that true wealth should, and can, be transformative.

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