The Freedom of Advice: Findings on the Value of an Advisor

Zoe Financial released an in-depth analysis on the benefits of receiving financial advice, namely increased quality of life and reduced stress as a result of financial freedom.

Zoe Financial released a special report entitled The Freedom of Advice: Findings on the Value of an Advisor with insightful research regarding affluent American’s relationship with their wealth. The report finds that by receiving sound advice, fears around wealth dissipate. With decreased fear, one feel safer, more in control, and ultimately more financially free. 

There are people who, despite their financial accomplishments and success, feel stuck in the ‘hard-working’ class. For many, fear of seeming incompetent despite their wealth holds them back for asking for advice; ultimately trapping them in a “catch-22” between fear of losing their wealth and fear of advice. 

Since our relationship with wealth is so complex, it can be challenging to understand how allowing someone else to provide guidance or the ability to manage the details of our financial lives can yield higher control, freedom, and happiness. In fact, Zoe found research that concludes seeking advice enables individuals to attain higher levels of satisfaction and even achieve better outcomes. 

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