Investing in Stocks

If you are in the market to buy stocks or bonds, you will find no shortage of advice on how to select them on the internet. You might find that the bulk of that advice is generic. 

Zoe Financial has shed this model for a new approach. We do not recommend individual stocks nor do the advisors in our network. Advisors in our network are financial planning centric…which means they work backwards. They start with your personal cash flow situation, your short term, medium and long term goals and what keeps you up at night. Then they built an investment policy statement that describes what diversified portfolio makes the most sense for your specific circumstances. Our approach empowers investors to take control of their financial health and to grow their wealth according to their unique lifestyle and long-term plans.

How to Invest in Stocks (Intelligently)

The U.S. stock market has been on a decade-long bull cycle. That growth can create unrealistic expectations and can set investors up for significant disappointments if they enter the market without a strategy that comports with their own goals.

Rather than taking a gamble on the latest and greatest recommendation of “stocks to buy now” that you might hear from a colleague, a more intelligent strategy is to first understand how you define financial security and how you connect money and wealth. You should also consider whether you are expecting any major lifestyle changes, such as starting a family or moving into a new job, or early retirement and how much time and ability you have to monitor and manage your stock investment portfolio. When you invest in stocks with a strategy and a plan, you will be better positioned to ride out the inevitable ups and downs that characterize the stock market.

Financial planners in Zoe’s network will help you to define these elements and strategies. With this information in hand, lastly,  a fiduciary advisor will then help you select optimum stock investment products that are cost and tax efficient.

Investing in Stocks and Partnering with Your Financial Advisor

A great financial advisor will be more than just someone that manages your stock portfolio. Instead, a great financial planner will develop stock investment recommendations that give you true financial freedom, allow you to sleep at night and that help you to realize your potential over time as you and your financial position evolve.

To that end, your advisor’s stock investment recommendations should give you a sense of comfort, empowerment, and financial independence to help you lead the life that you choose for yourself. Those recommendations should also enable you to manage your debt while creating new opportunities to grow your wealth. Within the confines of your risk tolerance, your stock investments should also give you a safety net that helps you to weather any unforeseen circumstances that might arise.

Zoe Financial: Stock Investment Advisors for All

Zoe Financial was founded to serve the needs of a wide range of investors. Regardless of their chosen path, our clients all share the same goal of living the life they want regardless of what the market delivers.  Our clients are transformative individuals who define their financial ambitions in accordance with their unique, individual identities.

Please see our website or call us to schedule an appointment with one of our financial advisors, who will begin the process of matching your goals with the intelligent stock investments that serve those goals. The financial advisors in our network are not just among the top 5% of all financial planners in the United States.  They are the right advisors for the new age of stock investors who do want to pay for access to investment products but rather for insightful unbiased advice that allows them to achieve their desired lifestyle.