5 Signs Zoe Is The Partner You’ve Been Looking For​

Published January 11, 2022  

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Written by: The Zoe Team

5 Signs Zoe Is The Partner You’ve Been Looking For

Published January 11, 2022 

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Written by: The Zoe Team

One of the challenges of being a financial advisor is that once you have all your training and certifications in order, you’re only halfway there. You’re missing the clients! And finding the right clients is not a piece of cake. 

Maybe you’ve tried different avenues to find clients. From offering your services to your community, dabbling in online advertising, or even paying for contacts. Nowadays, there are online lead generation sources all over the internet. You may think Zoe is just one of them, but we’re not. 

Zoe is not just a simple lead source for advisors, it is a partner for RIAs to scale their business through qualified prospects, content, scheduling logistics, and ongoing client engagement. Above all, Zoe is a business development and marketing ally for financial advisors who qualify to join our Network.

“I lead Zoe’s due diligence process where I get to vet advisors who want to join Zoe. We review their background, certifications, and experience, but the best part is the actual interview. Having conversations to truly understand if the advisor has the attitude and aptitude to service clients the way they deserve,” said Christy Matzen, CFP®, Director of Financial Planning at Zoe.

“Based on all that information, we can determine if the advisor is well aligned with what Zoe offers to -and expects from- advisors. It’s encouraging when they really understand the value of the two-way partnership that comes from joining the Zoe Advisor Network,” Matzen added. 

If you’re wondering if Zoe is the right partner for you, we’re here to help you decide. From reviewing the success stories of several RIAs who have been admitted to the Network, we’ve distilled five signs to determine if Zoe is right for you (and vice versa). 

1. You Face Challenges Head-On

We promise clients they will find only the best advisors in the country through Zoe. To stand by that promise, we have a very rigorous vetting process to filter financial advisors based on their credentials, education, experience, expertise, communication, and even interpersonal skills. 

“I was surprised, I felt that I was being interviewed and qualified to join the network, it was more nerve-wracking [than other lead-generation services]… like I was being measured up a little bit and that was good for me, it gave me confidence in the work that Zoe is doing”, says Josh Duvall, CFP®, RTP. 

Advisors joining Zoe should be willing to be meticulously interviewed and qualified.  “It didn’t feel like they were just letting anybody join. They really vetted me to make sure that I had the experience, that I was truly a fiduciary, and that my philosophy and how I’m doing planning was aligned with their values,” says Lindy Venustus, CFP®.

If you think you’re one of the best financial advisors and are willing to prove it throughout the vetting process, that’s the first sign that Zoe might be the right partner for you. 

2. You Know the Difference Between Leads and Prospective Clients

Advisors often ask us if there’s a difference between the clients they can find through Zoe and the ones they find elsewhere. Spoiler alert: there is. Zoe’s team pre-qualifies prospects prior to the introductory meeting, which increases the chance of finding the right client-advisor match. 

“Most of the prospects seem to be more serious about it. They‘ve been vetted. Most of the times they’ve talked to someone in Zoe, they’ve shown interest, created a small profile – a Snapshot. It shows that the individual is more interested in the process and really trying to find the right advisor, which makes the conversations a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable,” says Paul Horn, CFP®, CPWA®, MS.

If you’re expecting to receive a spreadsheet with a list of potential leads and their phone numbers, Zoe is not for you. With Zoe, you can expect to meet verified prospective clients who are seeking an advisor just like you and are interested in having a serious conversation about their finances.  

Is that what you’re looking for? If so, that’s the second sign that Zoe might be the best way to grow your business.

3. You Enjoy the Journey as Much as the Destination

Sometimes the process of meeting prospective clients may lead to roadblocks where you realize that you’re not the right advisor for them. This shouldn’t bring you down, not if you partner with Zoe. “Zoe’s team has stood by their values, so when you talk to Jessica, Rachel, Alex… they’re not saying ‘Well, it’s a bad fit, keep going’ or ‘If you tell them this, you’ll trick them into doing business with you’. They’re really client-centered, which is rare and good for the client, frankly,” says Jeff Rovnak, CFP®.

“Zoe shares really good notes, letting me know things beyond what the website is measuring. They’ll put in notes about somebody’s attitude, or if they’ve had a particular experience or there’s something the person needs to work around,” says Lindy Venustus, CFP®. After all, each person in the Zoe team is committed to helping both clients and advisors along the process of building an effective relationship. 

If you’re willing to enjoy the process as much as the result of closing clients, with all the ups and downs that it may entail, that’s the third sign that Zoe might indeed be the right partner for you. 

4. Consistency & Honesty are Your Best Policies

Being a financial advisor not only requires persistence but also entails great responsibility – especially given the sensitivity of the information people share with you.

Like Paul Horn, CFP®, CPWA®, MS said about the keys to success in the Zoe Network, “just like anything else in life, you’ve gotta be consistent. When the potential client comes in you gotta be consistently available, you gotta be consistent on your follow up and you gotta be honest and transparent”. 

“My approach has been to be very upfront with people about the way that my practice is structured. Every person that I’ve talked to – even if they don’t sign with me – they’ve said they really appreciate the transparency of the specific way that I work with clients. I am honest about the things that I do, the things that I don’t do, and what I charge for these services,” says Josh Duvall, CFP®, RTP.   

If you are a financial advisor who enjoys holding prospects and clients accountable, if you thrive in structure and constant improvements, and your main focus is providing honest advice, you now have four signs that Zoe is the right direction to look at.

5. You Love Learning about People

You might have several decades of experience in the financial industry. Yet, working in a profession that demands human interaction, it’s likely that there are always things that may surprise you. “I learned that people are willing to meet virtually and it’s just nice to know that I can help people nationally and that they are open to a virtual relationship with me,” says Lindy Venustus, CFP®.

“Even though there might be circumstances that are similar on paper regarding people’s age, their income, their assets… when you start having conversations it opens you up to the reality that people are different and they have in some cases very very unique goals. We’re not just solving math problems for people, it’s not all numbers, there’s a huge component related to how people feel about their money,” says Josh Duvall, CFP®.

Do you believe that one of the greatest parts of being a financial advisor is the immense amount of people you get to help? Are you willing to learn new things from each of them as if they were the first? If the answer to these questions is yes, you have uncovered the fifth sign that Zoe’s partnership could be the right fit for you. 

Putting Together All Five Signs

If you had a few “aha moments” while reading this post, it’s likely that Zoe is the growth partner you’ve been looking for. 

Zoe provides the tools for advisors to grow their business, as your outsourced CMO. “You feel like you have multiple people who are interested in your success and are interested in your feedback, in the process of how you’re working through new prospects, the types of prospects you’re getting, any challenges that you’re having,” said Josh Duvall, CFP®, RTP.  If you are an advisor like the ones described above, the next step is to discover if you can also be the right fit for Zoe.  Apply to the Network to find out.

Disclosure: This blog is not investment advice and should not be relied on for such advice or as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting, tax, legal or financial advisors. The observations of industry trends should not be read as recommendations for stocks or sectors.

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