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How To: Engage With Your Clients During The Holidays

Learn Christy Matzen, CFP®‘s tips to enjoy the holidays while knowing that your client relationships are as strong as ever. 

Published December 16, 2021

Reading Time: 3 minutes

| Best Practices Christy Matzen, CFP® |

Written By:
Christy Matzen, CFP®
Director of Financial Planning at Zoe Financial

Holidays are a special time for relationships. You’re likely looking to set some time away from work, get into the holiday spirit, and focus on what truly matters most: family, friends, and good food. Too often during this season, client relationship’s get forgotten amid the festivities. 

While your prospects and clients are likely in the same December mood as you, it is imperative you find thoughtful ways to stay present, keep them engaged, and continue to strengthen your relationship with them. Here are three quick tips to stay involved with your clients during the holidays.

1. Get Personal

Clients are constantly sharing ample personal information with you about their money, goals, and family. All deeply emotional details that require curious and dedicated attention. While on every interaction you are working towards nurturing the closeness between you, this is the perfect season to reciprocate and strengthen your ties. 

Send a personalized note that highlights your gratitude for them as clients, why you love what you do, and even what you’re enjoying most about this season. Wishing them and their loved ones Happy Holidays will show that you care about more than just the contract between you two. 

This tip can also apply to potential clients. Perhaps they don’t want to hear from you now about setting that next exploratory meeting, but staying top of mind means you’ll be the first person they call when it is time to set new year resolutions! 

2. Don’t Bring Up The Numbers

Embrace the special time of year and lean into the emotional side of financial services. While clients will want to know that they are still a priority for you, they are not expecting to have formal meetings to talk about their financials or investments. Especially because it’s very likely that they will also be focused on their personal time and family traditions. 

We all know clients will have an abnormal financial month in December with all the extra expenses, so hold off until January to reintroduce numbers into the conversation. When you do so, find an assertive way to approach it. Make sure to give them the reassurance they need for knowing they didn’t harm their financial plan; tell them that it’s normal and that holiday expenses are always taken into account in financial plans. If you help them strategize and build around it, they will be more grateful than you can imagine. 

3. Give The Gift Of Your Presence

You don’t want to bother clients during this season… and your clients probably don’t want to bother you either. Instead of tiptoeing around timing and trying to guess when is the best time to communicate, be transparent! Let them know your holiday schedule and the best way to connect, should they need you. Make sure your calendar link is up to date and share it with them so they can know exactly when you’ll be available. 

Remember that overcommunication leads to better communication and your clients will appreciate you making the season interactions easier. Be sure to consider them as well by asking (prior to the holidays) what method of communication they prefer. Setting clear expectations is the best way to ensure you are both on the same page. 

Keeping these three simple tips in mind will help you nurture your relationship with clients and start the new year in the best way. Enjoy the Holiday Season and embrace the relationship-building opportunities that it brings. Hopefully you will have amazing conversations and interactions with friends, family, and clients this month. 

Happy Holidays from the Zoe Financial team!  

Disclosure: This blog is not investment advice and should not be relied on for such advice or as a substitute for consultation with professional accounting, tax, legal or financial advisors. The observations of industry trends should not be read as recommendations for stocks or sectors.

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